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Tradition, energy, entertainment. These three words show the path which was chosen by Legrúti – the folk brass band from Velké Bílovice. Musicians from Legrúti are playing for several years for their listeners in traditional folk costumes of Hanácké Slovácko at feasts, dances, festivals and balls in the home country and abroad as well. Musicians from Legrúti are carrying on the long-term activities of the band from Velké Bílovice. They took the name of this band in 2001.

 „When the young band, which was later named as Legrúti, was establishing with some difficulties in seventies of the last century, none of its musicians could know that they helped to create the foundation for future development of musical life in Velké Bílovice. Today, after more than thirty years, is pleased to see that the best traditions of brass music in Velké Bílovice continue thanks to young musicians in this band.“

Pavel Zemánek, founding member of original band Legrúti, 2007


Musicians draw their energy embedded in the music from their youth as well as directly from the actual repertoire which includes traditional and new compositions from famous Moravian and Czech composers. Thanks to Petr Studenič who is a talented musician and composer the original melodies of the band Legrúti are also created. Personality of their art leader is perhaps even more important source of enthusiasm and interest in playing for members of the brass band. This person is a native of Malacky, Pavol Hoďa. He is a great clarinettist and saxophonist as well.

„Legrúti have one advantage – their potential. It is a team of young people who want to work on themselves. The person can obtain energy from others, but mainly from himself by the way that he wants to prove something. The path to quality music production is not easy, but it is one of the most beautiful.“

Pavol Hoďa, art leader, 2009


Members of Legrúti consider that perfect performance includes an entertainment not only for the audience. Good atmosphere has to dominate among the audience and band members as well. At the present time this band has 16 members, especially from Velké Bílovice and its surroundings, and also from the Slovak Záhorí. Several musicians studied at the Conservatory in Brno or Bratislava.


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